What did these six weeks at Equal Chances Foundation give me

For explanation: I spent six weeks in Hungary at Equal Chances foundation this summer. The foundation provides work to 600 disabled people and it gives home to 100 of them. The last day the founder asked me to write a bit about my experience there. So I did.

I am sitting in a bus coming from Budapest to Prague and thinking about every second of these six weeks I spent at Equal Chances Foundation.
I have to confess; I chose Budapest and the project at Equal Chances Foundation only because it suited to my vacation timetable. I didn’t know anything about the country, language, city and much less about the foundation. I only liked the idea of working with disabled people and changing my stereotypes for a while.
My first days I could spend together with Aya and Márk (trainees before us) who were very enthusiastic about this job, people and everything surrounding the organization. And in few weeks I understood why. I understood that it is not about the job we do or patients do. It is more about the atmosphere here. Everyone is smiling, everyone is nice to each other and to us as well even we don’t speak their language.

Once I was trying to communicate with a girl who didn’t speak English. She tried to explain me something, then others helped her to explain me that thing, but – although I was trying hard – I couldn’t understand. And I realized, that I was also disabled (for not speaking language of everyone else), but I am not nothing less than the others. So if disabled person doesn’t behave as everyone else… it doesn’t mean that he is less than we are neither.

I learned that even if someone has problems at home, he is very different or he doesn’t have a lot of money, he can be happy, he can have loving friends and beautiful life. I learned that even people on streets that I was afraid of can be nice people.
I made lot of friends that I really like and I will miss them. Not only supervisiors on the workshops, but also many patients who were always so nice to me.
I am very happy, that Erzsi – that incredible women – gave me opportunity to experience all this. And I am so glad that so many people can be happy in this organization as much as I was. And not only for 6 weeks, but for lot of years.

Koszonom szépen!

PS: Don’t worry, I know my english is not perfect.

13 komentářů: „What did these six weeks at Equal Chances Foundation give me

  1. hey my name is ibrahim, il be going to equal chances foundation on the 4th of may . You are an inspiration. Btw would be glad if i could talk with you 🙂

    To se mi líbí

  2. Awesome story! I am from Indonesia and will be going to Hungary for equal chances project this summer too. I m really looking forward for that after reading your great experience 😉 I would be happy if we could talk so that i could know more about the project and your experience there. Nice to meet you!

    To se mi líbí

  3. Мечтаете как-то разнообразить сексуальную жизнь? Добиться новых ощущений помогут эротические товары

    To se mi líbí

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